Vegan Diet Tips

Vegan Lifestyle: How Different it is from a Vegetarian Lifestyle

When it comes to refraining from eating meat and living only with vegetables and fruits, you will encounter the terms vegetarian and vegan. The former is the one that is more familiar to you, perhaps, and the latter, you might confuse with the former. But vegetarian and vegan, although they are almost the same, are also different from each other. Technically, both of them do not consume meat, but that's not all because a vegan at this link is a type of vegetarian but in a much stricter level.


For one thing, a vegan doesn't only exempt themselves from consuming foods which are derived from an animal but also refrain themselves from using any products which are derived from animals. In other words, vegans do not eat an egg, do not drink milk, and do not buy bags, wallets, belts, and shoes which were derived from the skin of an animal. They do not buy or use clothes and other fabrics which are derived from a fur of an animal. On the other hand, a vegetarian, though thy only eat fruits and veggies, they actually consume dairy products such as milk, butter, and cheese. In contrast with the vegans, vegetarians still buy clothes, bags, shoes and other items which are derived from an animal. In other words, their lifestyle and foods are only limited to not consuming meat, but they can still eat eggs.


Other people might think that vegans are not really that healthy because they only eat vegetables and fruits, and do not drink milk nor eat meats which have nutrients that are definitely necessary for the body. However, there are actually substitutes for meat and other foods that contain the same type of nutrient, and this includes legumes, eggplant, cauliflower, and potatoes. In this case, a vegan is actually very healthy and even avoids certain illnesses such as high blood pressure and cancer. Also, when it comes to stuff that you wear and use, vegans also have substitutes. If you want to be a vegan but worries about designer items, there is good news for you since there are actually high-end products which are not made of animal skin.  For more details about vegan, visit


Vegans do not only limit themselves to what has already been mentioned, because they actually participate in activities that protect the environment, and the animal welfare. They participate in activities that aim to do something about the climate change, visit website here!